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A number of articles/posts interested me over the last couple weeks, and I’ll share them with some brief thoughts. Maybe one will catch your eye.

  • Modern hymn writers revive lost art of Christian music. I was pleasantly surprised to see this article on Keith and Kristyn Getty on the USA Today site. If you don’t know the Getty’s – you should! They are an Irish couple living in the USA who write and sing modern hymns. I was also surprised to see critique of some modern Christian music and the benefits of hymns – and I completely related to it.
  • A Progressive’s Confessional Journey to Focus on the Family.  Wow. I was so touched by this article by a liberal secular man. While he disagrees with Focus on gay rights, he admits Focus does a great deal of good and has changed its approach. He is trying to break down unfair stereotypes about Focus and evangelicals. He emphasizes that the bulk of Focus’s time and energy is devoted to the non-controversial task of helping people. Clearly, Focus does not deserve hate group status.

  • The most oppressive Bible verse that never was.  If you’ve been evangelical for any length of time, you’ve probably at some point in the past (perhaps reaching back to your youth group years) heard it emphasized that we should avoid even the appearance of evil (based on I Thess 5:22). Picture it being said or shouted in a threatening tone! (haha) A few years ago I remember looking for this verse to double check it, and was surprised when it wasn’t actually worded that way! This article explains it, and a how a false theology of separatism was built from it.

  • Cultivate Gospel Conversations by Listening.  I think the author’s critique is right on – evangelicals are good at one-way communication, but are not strong with dialogue. We don’t always listen carefully. We can be too verbose. We offer unsolicited opinions. We fail to notice. An appeal to be more observant and listen carefully.