In light of all the recent emphasis on the Gosnell abortion clinic case, here is a worthwhile post on the Gospel for women who have experienced abortion. It is entitled: You are Stronger and I hope you’ll take a moment to read it. Here is a brief excerpt:

“Now that we’ve exposed the horrors that were found in that inner-city clinic, it’s time for us to speak as vocally and as passionately about the healing that is found in Christ. Because the only thing more dangerous than ignoring evil is acting as if evil were stronger than grace….You see, when we talk only about the evils of abortion without also talking about the superior grace of Christ, we essentially tell these men and women [who have experienced abortion] that what they believe about themselves is true—we tell them that they are beyond redemption. We tell them that their sin is stronger than Christ Himself.”

The post has several resources at the end where women (and men) who have experienced abortion can look for support and help.

And ya know, I really hesitate to say it, but there is hope in the Gospel for Kermit Gosnell too. Yes, he definitely deserves a trial, full exposure of his despicable deeds, and punishment for the horrific crimes against women and infants that he perpetrated. Yet, if he repents and turns to Christ, there is hope even for him. No one is beyond redemption.