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Allison, over at her blog, has a really great series going on about “Egalitarian myths.” In her intro, she says this:

What are some of the best ways to persuade fellow evangelicals of egalitarianism? I have  found that much of what I do is simply clarifying the egalitarian position. There are a handful of people I engage just on the Biblical texts, but more often than not I find that what the other person is arguing against is not what I claim or what most informed evangelical egalitarians argue.

I think she has a great and accurate point here, and I have experienced the same thing. There seems to be much misunderstanding and distortion of the evangelical egalitarian position. The intro post is here, but she is already up to myth #4.

Some of the myths she is covering are:

Egalitarians do not have a high view of Scripture.

Egalitarians believe in gender sameness.

Egalitarianism and liberalism go hand in hand.

Egalitarians have to explain away the “plain” meaning of the Bible.

I hope this “wet your appetite” and you will check out her series! You may gain some helpful ideas for interacting with others and clarifying the evangelical egalitarian position.

By the way, Allison is a research, writing, and marketing intern at Christians for Biblical Equality and is finishing up her MDiv at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Besides theology of gender she is passionate about church history, the biblical canon, and apologetics.