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Hi there! My last two posts contained personal psalms, and this post is a brief book review on a book about the Psalms.

And I will Praise Him, A Guide to Worship in the Psalms, by Ronald B. Allen. Kregel Publications, 1992.

I recently read this book and it really gave me a fresh, new understanding of the Psalms. The Psalms spoke to me in a way that they never had before.

The first section of the book entitled “Getting to know the Psalms” covers things like: the poetic structure of the Psalms (like parallelism), types of Psalms, explanation of nuances of the Hebrew language, and how the discovery of the ancient Ugaritic language in 1928 shed understanding on biblical Hebrew. Don’t let this scare you! This book is written for the lay person and is written in an easy to read style. And understanding background issues can truly help the Psalms make more sense and come to life.

The second half of the book is entitled “Enjoying the Psalms” and has individual chapters on 7 Psalms – these chapters are  practical and devotional. I appreciated this book, and it was a worthwhile read. As promised, this is a brief review – about 200 words! I can rarely post anything under 1,000. haha…