Really interesting post here. Author has some good questions for discussion. I left a comment. Maybe you have some thoughts too?


An article I read preparing for teaching ‘Evangelical Identity, History and Theology’ on our Master’s course was ‘A Spiritual Evangelical Church?’ by John Wilks. Evangel 26.3. Autumn 2008.

I ‘know’ John a wee bit via email regarding Evangelical Quarterly where he is one of the editors.

The issue he comes at is why mature adult believers leave evangelical churches via engagement with Alan Jamieson’s Churchless Faith  These were believers who had not lost their faith; they remained Christians. They were often people who had had leadership positions and years of ministry experience. They left often because the church had become an obstacle to faith. Now that isn’t a shocker, but it is ironic that people leave the church because they cannot grow in their Christian faith.

  • Jamieson found only 1% of people left church due to loss of faith
  • 18% left due to disputes with the local church
  • 81%…

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