I really hope you’ll take a moment to read this challenging post. We are too often obsessed with certain issues to the neglect of other ones. It’s time that Christians “embrace a holistic theory of involvement that sees politics for what it is: simply one, and far from the best, of the countless ways of getting involved.”

inexhaustible significance

Did you know that nearly 11,000 rape kits have sat untested in a Detroit warehouse since as early as 2002? Meaning, nearly 11,000 women have been raped, been subjected to a physical exam, and are still waiting for justice. Meaning, many of the men who would otherwise be behind bars are still on the street, and some of them are still raping women.

I first heard about this towards the end of last year, and I doubt many people outside of Detroit were aware until the story was featured on Rock Center with Brian Williams last night.

But I bet you knew that some people don’t think President Obama really has a US birth certificate.

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