Hope you’ll read this post over at Simply Profundity. I could quote some of the things that resonated with me, but I’d end up quoting most of it! Here is one: “Friends, we live in the modern Roman Empire and its high time we faced that fact. Whatever this nation was, it is not that now, and the answer is not to return to the mythological golden age.”

Simple Profundity

I have come to think it best for Christians to preach the Gospel, live like Christ, defend the weak, and help the suffering. Ours is the responsibility to be the voice on the outside speaking truth to power. Ours is the calling of John the Baptist, Paul the Apostle, and the millions of Christians who’ve come before us. We are to preach Christ and him crucified. That said, events of recent weeks have me concerned about religious freedom in this country. While I still don’t think our strategy should be to adopt the conventional culture war mentality, we are facing something now that we have not faced before. We need to struggle against it in the way we have always done when at our Christian best: by being like Christ.

For months now we’ve watched Christian institutions struggle with the new healthcare mandate. We are watching a privately held corporation…

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