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Well, this is not a cheery New Year’s post but an honest one. My church journey has been very frustrating the last several years. We feel so isolated and don’t seem to belong anywhere. Thinking about it recently, I thought the best description is that we are “spiritual refugees.”  We are…Christians adrift, attending church, but feeling so outside the camp. So, I then decided to google “spiritual refugee” and see if anyone else was thinking this way.

Well, this post over at the nakedpastor really hit the nail on the head!  Are you a spiritual refugee?  Please note, that while nakedpastor is a site I check on occasion, I don’t read it regularly. Some thoughts I agree with, but many I do not.

Reading this post, I think we are actually not refugees, but we are spiritual internally displaced persons! It was somehow validating and comforting to read a description that so fits our struggles! “Trapped…with no recourse” – yep, that sums it up. The cartoon really demonstrated how I feel as well.

The role of women in ministry is a huge issue for me. But beyond that, we just struggle with a variety of other beliefs and ideas. As I’ve said before, I often feel like the most liberal person among conservatives and like the most conservative person among liberals! – Sigh.

But things may be looking up, and we feel encouraged about a church we have been visiting the last few weeks. But I will leave thoughts on that to another post…