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This time of year, bloggers often look over the various stats for their blog. As a matter of interest:

  • This is one of my top “viewed” posts that drives considerable traffic to my blog: Jesus Calling?  I think the only reason this brings me so much traffic is that there are simply not many reviews of Jesus Calling out there. Do a google search – not much comes up. (This surprises me. Since this is such a top selling devotional, you’d think there would be many reviews available.) I can also see if the links I share are clicked on, and mainly the second two links are clicked on – and not the first by Tim Challies that addresses the underlying theological concerns. This sordof proves the point of some of my concerns.
  • Finally, the faith and doubt quotes ( quotesmore quotes, and even more quotes ) are also among my top viewed posts, and search terms for quotes on faith and doubt bring considerable traffic to my blog.