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I rarely jump in with commentary in the middle of a catastrophe. I need time to process things, and it is more likely I’ll have thoughts to share a few weeks later. Immediate thoughts can also be reactive, rather than level headed.

But here is a brief devotional that was written on December 11th. In light of what occurred on December 14th, that devotional seemed providential. Hope you’ll take a moment to read it. “How long, O LORD, will I call for help, And You will not hear? I cry out to You, “Violence!” Yet You do not save.” (Habakkuk 1:2)

And here are a couple thoughts from my friend Charity that I appreciated:

We humans want so desperately to find a solution, only we misdiagnose the problem. The problem isn’t the tools that are used, it’s our murderous, hate-filled hearts. Much easier to think about our instruments of hate than our hearts of hate. And much more comfortable to think that WE can come up with a solution, than to submit to the reality that our only hope is the Solution that God has already provided.

As you pray for the families of the victims, don’t forget to pray for the family of Adam Lanza. I can promise you that they are grieving too, only they probably won’t feel the support that the other families may feel. Sadly, the families of criminals are looked at with suspicion and even hate, while they are dealing with unimaginable grief themselves. [FYI: Charity has a brother in prison.]