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Yesterday I had a guest post over on Tim Fall’s blog. Thanks Tim for giving me the opportunity. What I wrote is a little bit of a different writing style for me! Please feel free to check it out: Shedding a Little Light on the Subject. I’ll put the beginning of my post below:

The ceiling light broke in our bedroom over a year ago, and we promptly replaced it with a new one. I like the decorative aspect of this new light much better, but it does not give off enough light. For the last year, I’ve put up with one side of the room being too dark and have struggled to properly see myself in the mirror. Finally, I got a lamp. I could see!

Yet, the lamp revealed some things that had been hidden in the darkness. Like…my dresser, mirror, and part of the wall were very dusty and dirty! I was shocked by it. I had to get my cleaning supplies and spend time cleaning. With the hidden dirt on the mirror cleaned away, I saw myself so much better. Not only had the lack of light been impeding my vision but the dirt had as well, yet I didn’t even realize it!

This made me think of spiritual things. The book of First John encourages believers to walk in the light. But sometimes I think we have a false perception of the spiritual life….

Click here to read the rest of the post over on Tim’s Blog. And while you are there, browse around Tim’s blog too – he’s an interesting writer himself, and great at helping bloggers network with each other.