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It is approaching the end of the year, and almost 2 years of blogging for me. Thank you to all my subscribers, and those who have supported and encouraged me in my blogging.

I’ve also been thinking about why I blog. What are my goals? Who am I hoping to reach? Am I successful in these goals? Am I reaching the target audience? Etc.

The name of my blog was carefully chosen – Enough Light – and you can see the Blaise Pascal quote on the top right that I take this title from. This is a Christian blog and while I blog on a variety of issues, I try to keep some focus on faith and doubt – whether directly or indirectly. A post may not be directly about faith and doubt, but indirect as I broach topics that could lead to doubts or discouragement in the faith.

I also consider my blog, while not academic, to be for the more “thinking” type of person. (Or at least I hope to encourage Christians to think a little more deeply.) It is middle ground…for people who are more serious thinkers, but who aren’t necessarily academics either. If that makes sense?

Although I have some unbelievers who come to my blog (which is great, and I’m glad you visit!) my target audience is really believers. It is my hope that if a believer starts to develop doubts about the faith that they will find this a “safe” place and somewhere to find resources to help them as they deal with their doubts. See the faith and doubt tab above where I have a collection of resources.

I also hope to help believers for whom doubt is not an issue to become more “doubt friendly” and aware of what it is like to struggle with doubts. Sadly, I know former believers whose exodus from the faith was hastened by the unhelpful and ungracious responses of the Christians in their life.

I have a burden for believers who struggle with doubts, but are these people able to find my blog? I’m not really sure how to find them. I think one reason I blog on various Christian issues is that I hope to draw in various Christians who will be introduced to the faith and doubt issue.

FYI…in a coming series, I will be blogging through this book: Walking Away from Faith: Unraveling the Mystery of Belief & Unbelief by Ruth Tucker.

Well, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! Do you think the blog is on target with my goals or purposes? Any ideas on how to better reach my target audience? If you know of someone who might benefit from this blog, please tell them about it. This isn’t about self-promotion (although it is pretty much impossible to have totally pure motives!) – but I just hope, in the new year, to reach more in my target audience.

Thanks for listening and thanks again to all of you who frequent Enough Light!