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As it approaches the end of the year, I was reviewing some of the books I’ve read this year and topics I’ve blogged about. Here is a post I wrote in May 2012 entitled: The amusing spectacle of seeking absolute proof for Christian faith – in which I discuss the aspect of historical vs scientific proof standards. Some critics are guilty of applying scientific standards to biblical history – yet they don’t apply the same standard to other history. But there are valid concerns…

Recently I saw this video by Greg Boyd on similar issues. He talks in a casual and down-to-earth way and answers a question he received. The question was from a history student with this concern: He understands the need to place our faith in Jesus, but we have to trust the disciple’s writings about Jesus to do that. As a student of history, he realizes we have to depend on testimony for almost anything about history – But it is one thing to trust testimony about historical facts not so relevant to life, and another thing when eternal life is in the balance! How can he overcome his nagging doubts?

Hope you’ll appreciate Greg Boyd’s reply:

“It shouldn’t surprise us we can’t have certainty about the Gospels, because we can’t have certainty about anything….The question is not can you be certain, the question is do you have reason enough to act. That’s the nature of faith.”