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Part 3 of the current series is to come, but I had to share this article by Richard Stearns entitled: “Goodbye, Christian America; Hello, True Christianity.” Hope you’ll appreciate it as much as I did. Here is an excerpt:

“…we are quickly moving toward a secular society. As this cultural shift has occurred, many Christians have reacted in frustration. We have fought to place the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and Christmas crèches outside town halls. We have sued over public prayers and crosses in state parks…While symbols can be important, we have focused perhaps too much on them instead of the underlying reality they reflect. Instead, we need to go back to the basics of living as disciples of Christ, living missionally for Christ and demonstrating the Gospel in tangible ways within our schools, workplaces and communities. While I would be happy to see the Ten Commandments back on the courthouse wall, the fight over symbolic issues is backfiring, alienating people from the truths of the gospel rather than attracting them to it.”