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Some links to share this post, all related to the issue of women in ministry:

  • Should it Matter? Part one. Part two. (More parts to come.) – Should we just forget about gender role issues because other things are more important? Allison, a MDiv seminary student, shares her heart in these posts. I really relate and appreciate her thoughts.
  • Why women don’t speak up. This is an article from Relevant magazine. I left a comment after the article and agree with its sentiments. I clearly live in a very tight culture! In a church small group setting at a church in my area, we were told the men and women divide up “because women are afraid to speak with men in the room.” – I’m serious! No joke.
  • What the Bible really says on men and women: A 10 point critique of ‘complementarianism’.  Part one.  All 10 parts have already been posted. Please don’t let all the parts overwhelm you. They are all very readable!  Whether you are new to this issue or are already very knowledgeable, these posts can be a great introduction or a review. The title of his posts (What the Bible really says…) is because he is responding to a book with that in the title by Claire Smith.
  • “Neither marry nor be given in marriage”. Link here.  A unique look at Matthew 22:30 and a good question!
  • So, How DO Egalitarians Interpret the Bible? An Introduction. Link here.  “Egalitarianism is NOT some strange, fringe theology for liberals who don’t take the Bible seriously. It is for people who take the Bible very seriously, indeed–too seriously to pay lip service to a theology that is widely accepted, but that they don’t believe lines up with the Good News of Jesus Christ.” – Besides all the names/places she mentions in the post, many more could be added. For example, did you know evangelical pastors/speakers such as John and Nancy Ortberg, and Stuart and Jill Briscoe are egalitarian? And academics like Stanley Grenz, Craig Keener, Scot McKnight, John Stackhouse, I. Howard Marshall, Ben Witherington, Gordon Fee? Just because some key people support something that doesn’t make it right, of course. The point is…Egalitarianism is NOT some strange, fringe theology for liberals who don’t take the Bible seriously.

Hope some of these links might be appreciated by someone out there. If you’ve read any interesting posts lately on this issue, please feel free to share.