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While I only blog on it occasionally, I am very involved in the whole debate on the role of women in the church and home. Recently a blogger from England had a post entitled “Don’t be Scared: Be Sensitive” on this debate. Thomas Creedy says this in his post:

The discussion about gender roles, particularly in relation to church leadership, is not going to go away any time soon. And it isn’t going to be solved by fear-based, reactive discussion. This is why I titled my post “Don’t be Scared: Be Sensitive”.

I so appreciate his moderate, open-minded approach. We need to see more of this, as opposed to some of the polarizing discussion that goes on that only alienates people.

I am egalitarian, but I can accept women not being elders and lead pastors – as long as they are not limited beyond this and a full range of other opportunities are open to them. Now, I would actually like to see women (who are called and so gifted) be able to elder or pastor, but in the name of unity we sometimes need to make concessions. Those on both sides of this debate need to get better at this…Can’t we meet somewhere in the middle? Each side willing to take just a few steps towards the other?

Recently I wrote up my personal story on how I ended up so involved in this debate. One might say I “accidentally” ended up in the middle of it!

I feel very honored that Thomas Creedy has featured my story/essay as a guest post on his blog. The link is here: Guest Post: Laura’s Story.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read my heartfelt and honest story as posted on his blog – comments are welcome.