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In light of yesterday’s post, here are some quotes on time. Remember, my friends, these are a speech to myself – and not just to you. I have been blessed with the gift of time (I no longer work a job and I have no children) yet somehow I manage to squander and misuse my time.

As in the parable of the pounds (minas in the NIV; Luke 19:12-27), where each servant was given the same amount of money, we each have been given the same amount of time. But few of us use it so wisely as to produce a tenfold return. The parable recognizes different abilities; the servant with less capacity but equal faithfulness received the same reward. We are not responsible for our endowments or natural abilities but we are responsible for the strategic use of time. – Oswald Sanders in Spiritual Leadership

We have only the time allotted by God, and none of us knows when it will run out. Every Christian life runs by His divine timetable and against His divine clock. We do not know how long He will hold open the door of a given opportunity or of our entire time of service. “Be careful how you walk,” Paul counsels, “not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Eph. 5:16). God gives us many things without limit – His love, His grace, and many others. But His gift of time is strictly measured. – John MacArthur

How often we hear, “I wish I knew how to manage my time better.” Rarely do we hear, “I wish I knew how to manage myself better,” but that’s really what it comes down to. – Ted W. Engstrom in The Making of a Christian Leader

Procrastination, the thief of time, is one of the devil’s most potent weapons for defrauding us of eternal heritage. The habit of “putting off” is fatal to spiritual leadership. Its power resides in our natural reluctance to come to grips with important decisions. Making decisions, and acting on them, always requires moral energy. But the passing of time never makes action easier; quite the opposite. Most decisions are more difficult a day later, and you may also lose an advantage by such delay. The nettle will never be easier to grasp than now. – Oswald Sanders in Spiritual Leadership