** I hope you’ll appreciate this post on the grace of God as much as I did. The author raises challenging questions, and provides some thoughtful answers. God’s grace is not found in the absense of tragedy, but is found in the midst of it.

Keeping These Things...

By the grace of God.  A phrase I tend to use quite a bit.  Or, at least, I use to.  Many times I say it flippantly, even if used about serious things:  “By the grace of God, we made it home safely…I have three healthy children, by the grace of God…By the grace of God I didn’t get sick…”  All of these things are worthy of thanking God.  And, yes, all of them can be attributed to God’s grace.

But I’m more careful about how I use that phrase these days.

Recently, I was praying for a family.  I had just heard some sad news and was concerned it might involve a family that I knew.  Unable to contact the family, I began praying for them.  As I prayed, I prayed for God’s grace to be upon them.  Until I heard from them, I kept hoping that, by the grace…

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