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“In my pastoral ministry, I have met people who have
become intoxicated with ‘studying the deeper truths of the
Bible.’ Usually they have been given a book or introduced
to some teacher’s tapes. Before long, they get so smart they
become dumb! The ‘deeper truths’ they discover only
detour them from practical Christian living. Instead of
getting burning hearts of devotion to Christ (Luke 24:32),
they get big heads and start creating problems in their
homes and churches. All Bible truths are practical, not
theoretical. If we are growing in knowledge, we should also
be growing in grace (2 Peter 3:18).” – James Dunn

Hello my friends. Please know I am out of town this week and set this to automatically post. I won’t be checking in, so I will not be able to approve any comments that are left on the blog until I return. Laura