Just some links to share:

  • I always give a disclaimer when I link to anything by Rachel Held Evans. I definitely disagree with her on some key issues, yet some of her posts deeply resonate with me. Recently a post hit very close to home in expressing my thoughts. I even recently used the same phrase of “dull resignation” in regards to church. Here is her post: Sunday Morning.  I understand the importance of the church, yet it can be a very difficult place for some of us. Those who are outside the sociological norm, those who don’t quite fit in the box…often find themselves unable to assimilate into a church even when they try very hard to do so. I’m tired of trying. I’m exhausted from jumping through hoops. I still attend a local church, but at this point I just want to come and go and be left alone…
  • Here is another article that I related too: Eight Things Christians Don’t Want to Say.  I find a lack of authenticity to be typical among far too many Christians. Why are so many Christians such pretenders? I long for honest and intimate relationships with other believers.  

“…what would happen if we embraced the honesty of the thoughts that cross our minds every day? Maybe we’d just get strange looks. But we might also find ourselves in a world fresh with accountability and unparalleled growth.”

  • This link is actually a past guest post from my own blog. It is: “Alone in the Church”  by Shanda Oakley. Again, this article hit very close to home for me. I agree that

“Sadly the church often resembles the world when it comes to clicks and selfishness.”

– I’m sorry if there is a negative tone to my thoughts. I love the Lord Jesus so very much, yet the church has been a discouraging and frustrating place for me. Maybe I shouldn’t be so candid. I don’t want to discourage people. But perhaps some of these heart-felt articles will help people see things from a different perspective, and lead to change? Thanks for listening…