If we are not growing in our awareness of our personal sin & depravity and our profound need for grace…then we are not growing closer to a Holy God. We are growing closer to spiritual narcissism. Blindness and denial to personal sin is the fertile soil in which idolatry, heresy and narcissism grows. The love and grace of Jesus Christ radically transforms the ones who understand how profoundly they need Him. – thoughts from my friend Carole Chaput

If this quote challenges you, you may want to check out the category section “God-centered vs. Man-centered Theology” where I have a variety of posts on this issue. It seems that too much of modern day evangelicalism has fallen under a “power of positive thinking” pop psychology paradigm. (Ie: As Christians, we must only focus on our saintly status, our spiritual victory, and on our having the “best life now.”) Yet, is that really what it is all about? It seems we have made the faith more self-centered than God centered. Our hope for becoming Christ-like is not in trying harder or thinking more positively about ourselves, but in trusting and leaning more on Christ’s provision. “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (II Corinthians 12:10)