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Hi! Here are some links that I wanted to share:

  • On this page, Dr. Lane Craig answers a question on faith and doubt, and makes an interesting distinction between knowing Christianity to be true and showing it to be true.  “…the secret to dealing with doubt in the Christian life is not to resolve all of one’s doubts. One will always have unanswered questions. Rather, the secret is learning to live victoriously with one’s unanswered questions. By understanding the true foundation of our faith and by assigning the proper role to argument and evidence, we can prevent unanswered questions from turning into destructive doubts.”
  • Critical Thinking – what is it and why is it important to believers?  “Unfortunately, critical thinking has sometimes gotten a bad name, especially in very conservative Protestant circles because it is associated with people negatively assessing or even criticizing the Bible. This is unfortunate on various grounds.”

Besides blogging on faith and doubt in a general sense, it is my goal to eventually blog on the many specific issues that make people doubt. I’ve already blogged on some of the issues. For example, here is a post on hell. (Certainly one post on hell doesn’t cover it! But in it I do touch on some of the issues.) Or I had an entire series of posts on the issue of faith and suffering. If there is a God, why is there so much tragedy in the world?

Other issues that I am planning to tackle when the time is right:

  • The exclusivity of Christianity. Is Jesus really the only way? What about people who have never heard?
  • The inerrancy of the Bible. What is meant by inerrancy? Can we trust the Scriptures?
  • I know there are some other issues too, but my mind has gone blank…

As Christians, I don’t think we should put our heads in the sand! We need to be willing to ponder troubling questions of the faith.