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I’ve updated the “faith and doubt” tab (next to “about me” above) so that it features a variety of links and resources about dealing with doubt.  The faith and doubt issue is the number one driver of traffic to my blog, and I wanted to somehow make resources more accessible.

I just finished listening to a sermon by Pastor Gred Boyd on faith and doubt. It was exceptional! The sermon has worthwhile content, yet he is also an amusing speaker that had me laughing at times. It was definitely worth 40 minutes of my time, and I hope you might consider watching it as well. Here is the link to the sermon:  The Faith to Doubt.

Here are a few personal notes I jotted down as I listened to it:

Is faith a matter of certainty? There is a model of faith as certainty. Your faith is only as strong as you are certain. But is this biblical or healthy?

Can faith be measured? Is our faith measured on a “faith-o-meter”? And we must do all we can to keep the faith-o-meter high?

If faith is a mater of certainty, then all doubt is evil or sinful. We avoid doubt like the plague because so much hangs on not doubting!

This installs in some Christians a fear of learning.  If faith is a matter of certainty, we end up with an insulated, isolated faith that we want to protect from the mean, nasty world where questions are asked.

We never give our brain permission to think seriously about faith because too much is at stake. This is why Christians often come across as so narrow, as always wanting to prove themselves right, and demonizing people who disagree. They can’t have a calm, rational discussion about matters of faith.

It is not about certainty, but do you have enough reason to commit? 

Faith is used in about every area of our life. Almost everything we do involves an element of risk. Believing in God is an act of faith. Not believe in God is an act of faith.

There is a time to doubt, and a time to shut doubt off.

You can get addicted to doubt. And remain in a cloud of could-be, possibly/possibly not, and uncertainty….waiting for every question to be answered.

There is a depth that can only be discovered by being fully invested, by saying yes, and walking in faith. What direction are you moving? Some of the most profound realities can only be discovered after you make the commitment.

There is a time to doubt, and a time to commit. You work on questions from the inside of the relationship, instead of as the condition of getting into it!

***Update: I just discovered that the above sermon is part of an entire series (9 sermons) on faith and doubt. I have only listened to the above sermon so far, but here is the link to the series.