Good luck. Bad luck. It has never sat right with me when people (especially Christians) attribute a good or bad occurrence to luck. I also try to avoid wishing people good luck…But occasionally it does slip out of my mouth! That luck word is too often on the tip of my tongue. It seems a common manner of speaking that is imbedded in our culture, and when we say it I think we simply want the best for someone and God’s blessing in their life. It would be better to say precisely that, instead of bringing in luck.

Maybe one way to avoid using the word luck and attributing good or bad occurrences to it, would be to better understand where the concept of luck comes from! Sue Bohlin, over at the Tapestry blog of bible.org, has a well-written article on the concept of luck and the un-biblical worldview that is behind it.  “Don’t wish me Luck.”  I appreciated her thoughts and hope it might be helpful to others as well. Check out bible.org while you are at it. It is a plethora of resources on Christian belief.