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In light of my earlier post today on the tension between human free will and God’s sovereignty, I wanted to share this article with you entitled “Do we really want God to intervene?”

I appreciated the thoughts on the parables from Matthew 13, and was also challenged by the personal application.

There is a highly personal side to all of this too, Wright suggests. Do we really want God to intervene and judge evil?

I fear we do—in a highly selective sort of way. We want him to take care of the evil out there, those aspects of life in a fallen world that cause us distress in mind, body, and spirit.

But do we want him to deal with the evil in here, in our own hearts and lives? We ourselves are fields sown with a mixture of wheat and weeds. Are we ready for him to step in, in the midst of the sanctification process, to rip those weeds out of our lives?