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It is easier to hate than to love–and some of us may often find ourselves dangerously close to creating our own Ninevah. Perhaps the people that inhabit our “Ninevah” are abortionists, homosexuals, political enemies, cultists, or an ethnic group we are uncomfortable with. The question we must honestly consider is this: will our prejudice cause us, like Jonah, to be guilty of silence, or will we intentionally express the heart of God? Jonah chose silence and hate rather than obedience and love. – David Sper

Who are the people in your Ninevah? Who have you written off? Who do you fail to love? Who do you not pray for because you see them as a hopeless case? Who do you think doesn’t even deserve salvation? I think we can be more like Jonah than we care to admit!

The Bible is filled with messed up people who could have been written off, but God transformed their lives and used them for His glory. As Christians, we share in the redemptive work of loving people back to life. No one is beyond redemption! Jesus saw a person…not a label. He didn’t see a ________, but a person that He loved and whose life He came to transform. Let’s pray that we will see people through the eyes of Jesus, and have the supernatural power to love.

*Thanks for reading my blog. I’ve only been blogging about 6 months, and I so appreciate each of you who subscribes, comments, or has offered me encouraging words. My posts will likely be less frequent or more brief over the next couple months. My 2 summer seminary classes have me overwhelmed, and I will also be in and out of town.