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A few blogs I read will sometimes have a post where they simply share a hodgepodge of links that they found interesting, challenging, or informative. I thought I’d do the same this post.

  • A brief interview clip with Dr. Tim Keller (Founder and Pastor of NYC’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and author of multiple books such as “The Reason for God” and “Generous Justice”).  In this clip, he answers the question: Do you think that religion is in decline and the world is becoming more secular?
  • The Dying Art of Reading. Statistics can be manipulated to make things seem worse than they are, but I must say that my  experiences tend to match up with the stats mentioned in the post. And I agree with the implications for the church. It is an odd contradiction – We have more books and materials available to help us understand the Bible and Christian faith than in any previous time in Christian history, yet ignorance among believers seems at an all time high. Hardly anyone will read a book of substance on the faith! Or maybe that’s my off-balance perspective because I live smack-dab in the center of “mushy middle” land, aka the Bible Belt!!  (Watch the above Tim Keller clip.)
  • The 7 Qualities of a Good Friend. In our fast-paced and hurried world, I think too many people have forgotten basic qualities of friendship. I appreciated these 7 points.
  • This Into That. I’m fascinated. Art and bookshelves/cases made from old books!!
  • E-readers Fail at Education. This article explained and put into words concerns that I have about e-readers. I did not know the term “cognitive mapping” before reading this article, but I do a great deal of it!!  E-readers may be okay for fiction reading, but most of my reading is more educational, and e-readers can make it harder to learn.
  • Why the Bible is a tough book for Americans. I appreciated these thoughts by Donald Miller. Are you asking the wrong questions?