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For Christians struggling with doubts, here is a new web site: “Dealing with Doubt”. There is also a private Facebook page as well. Here is a description of the website:

Jude 22 says “have mercy on some who are doubting.” This site seeks to come to the aid of Christians who are experiencing doubt in their Christian faith.

C. Michael Patton of Credo House/Reclaiming the Mind Ministries began this site in 2011 due to the lack of places to find understanding, comfort and hope when they are experiencing doubt.

Who this site is for: Christians who are doubting and seek recovery of their faith. Whether you are doubting your salvation, God’s love, the Bible, or the very existence of God, we hope that this will be a “life-preserver” during your “dark night of the soul.” This is not a site for atheists or antagonists to the Christian faith. Though we do believe that this will benefit anyone who is truly seeking to establish or reestablish their faith.

**NOTE: if a search engine has brought you here – look under the faith and doubt tab at the top of my blog. There you will find a collection of links related to the faith and doubt issue. Also see the category to the right entitled faith and doubt.**