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A primary theme of my blog so far has been the faith and doubt issue. I’ve pondered, read, and considered much about it over the years.  Here is a link to another blog article called:   “Why I am not completely certain that Christianity is true” .  It appears on the Parchment and Pen blog of Credo House Ministries.  I’d encourage you to explore this worthwhile theological blog (and the ministry they run as well).

The above article “Why I am not completely certain Christianity is true” by Michael Patton is the best I’ve read in awhile on this issue! (Maybe the best period.) I’ve read it several times. It is that good! Here is a brief excerpt:

“Indubitability is a black hole leading to perpetual skepticism…There is a point in our faith where… our search for indubitability needs to yield to the sufficiency of probability. This does not mean we are taking a blind leap into the dark. On the contrary, we are responding to the sufficiency of the light that has been given. In fact, to fail to respond is the leap of blind faith.   ……Probability is sufficient. We neither need to go into intellectual hibernation and accept our beliefs on blind faith nor do we need to suspend our belief until all the objections, no matter how improbable, are answered…..We are responsible in this life to act upon the revelation given to us, not to seek absolute indubitability.”

I don’t want to keep repeating myself and belabor the point, but I myself had misunderstandings about the relationship of faith and doubt for many years. “Faith” does not equal “no doubt”!  If you have 100% certainty, then there is no need for faith. Yet, how do you maintain a healthy balance between faith and doubt? You don’t want your doubts to destroy your faith, but you don’t want a unhealthy blind faith either.  I appreciated how Michael Patton flushed out this issue and approached it in his article.

And to clarify for anyone who only glances at this post… I am a confident Christian believer! Because I’ve come to realize that I can not require indubitability in order to believe.